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How long does each in-person session last?

I suggest starting with an hour.  However, if the client would like to extend the meeting and my schedule allows it, I'm happy to do so. I think 1.5 - 2 hours tends to be a good amount of time.

Why don't you transcribe everything during in-person sessions? 

If I'm constantly typing, I'm not listening.  And listening is how we discover the good stuff. Memories will surface you thought you'd forgotten, and believe me, you'll want a friend to listen. This experience is a lot more fun and worthwhile when I am an active, interested receiver of your story, rather than a robot with superb typing skills. Plus, aside from seeing the print book, listening is my favorite part!

Will My book end up in Barnes & Noble?

The answer here is most likely, no, it won't. Writing a memoir for mass distribution and publication requires an entirely different approach. Getting your stories down on paper is just the tip of the iceberg. Next, we would have to look at language, voice and how the stories are arranged. If you are interested in trying to have your book published by a major publisher I can help you, but I make no guarantees.

How many books can I have printed?

You can print as many copies of your autobiography as you'd like. I take no commission on copies printed. The cost is passed onto you, as is.